MC Kats speaks about Fille being pregnant with his child

November 20, 2023
MC kats and Fille

MC kats and Fille

Television presenter and mcee Katamba Edwin also known as MC Kats has spoken about his baby mama singer Fille being pregnant with his child.

If she is really pregnant it would be her second child and the last born of MC Kats out of the six children he has.

MC Kats and Fille’s relation has been on and off. Ever since they welcomed their first child together they have always had fights.

They even got to a point where they completely separated and MC Kats moved on to another relationship with fellow media personality Caroline Mirembe.

Recently MC Kats and Fille Mutoni got back together and they revealed their relationship to the public.

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They said they are still working on their relationship to see where it goes as they raise their eight years old daughter Abigail Kisakye.

Fille looks to have added on some weight and MC Kats has an explanation for it. He said his baby is on medication and it gives her so much appetite.

He also talked about pregnancy saying he knows people are going to say Fille is pregnant but he is the person that knows the truth between them.

“Me and Fille we will forever together no matter what people will talk about us. Many people have commented on Fille’s weight gain and it is a result of some medication she is on. About the pregnancy people should think whatever they can, it’s only me that knows the truth,” MC Kats said