You have a third world mind set – MC Kats hits back at Fifi Da Queen

October 26, 2023
MC Kats

MC Kats

Media personality Katamba Edwin famously known as MC Kats has hit back at former television presenter Fifi Da Queen.

He said she is living in the first world country but behaving with the third world mind set.

The verbal war between MC Kats and Fifi Da Queen started when talented Kats gifted one of his daughters a success gift of money.

He recorded the video and posted it on social media very happy but Fifi Da Queen was personally not happy.

She made a video telling schools to ban such success gifts because kids that will not be able to receive them will be devastated.

MC Kats was angry with the comments he also replied to her saying atleast he didn’t misuse the money. Instead of taking it bars and buying alcohol he used it in a meaningful way.

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That didn’t end their, he also commented about Fifi Da Queen’s comments telling her to start thinking like an advanced person who went to school.

“Problem of Being in A First world country and still having A Third world Mindset
Dear sis Cheese Moved google that book we talk After,” MC Kats said