Swangz Avenue reportedly ready to dump Winnie Nwagi, here are the reasons why

November 18, 2023

Winnie Nwagi

There is rumour making rounds on social media of singer Winnie Nwagi and her record label Swangz Avenue.

Winnie Nwagi has been signed on to Swangz Avenue for more than eight years. Ever since she got signed she has been doing so well musically.

Almost every song she releases becomes a bit song but the problem is now centred around the way she personally behaves

Winnie Nwagi has been involved in different scandals that involves abusing and fighting with people.

The last scandal Winnie Nwagi was involved in is fighting with a fan live on stage while performing. She said the fans had bad touched her and she wasn’t happy with it.

According to the news making rounds on social media, Winnie Nwagi has continued to misbehave and Swangz Avenue feels like it can’t take her anywhere.

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It is said that Winnie Nwagi has been accused of taking trips without permission from the record label even performing at certain events when they don’t know.

It is still a rumour, Winnie Nwagi and Swangz Avenue haven’t said anything about it.

“Winnie Nwagi could face the axe at Swangz Avenue. The unruly singer has defied every conduct code at the label including taking trips without swangz knowledge and refusing to perform at some evenztts booked by the label.
Swangz Avenue is said to be considering letting her go,” One blogger posted.