Martha Kay furious as she gains more body weight due to strange disease

May 26, 2023

Radio personality Martha Kay is very furious and frustrated as she continues to gain more body weight.

She said it is a result of the medication she is on treating a strange disease she has been battling for six months now.

When she got sick, she was taken to Nairobi Kenya for better treatment but she is still unhappy for being far from home.

She posted on her social media platforms speaking of how she misses different things. She talked about her workmates, siblings, going out and mostly her waistline.

She said she doesn’t know when the disease will clear but it is taking forever.

“I miss my waistline.
I miss being fit.
I miss my clear skin.
I miss not having to explain why I’ve gained weight.
I miss my friends.
I miss my siblings.
I miss my niblings.
I miss going out.
I miss my co-hosts.
I miss normalcy.
Tired of being tired.
Tired of seeing drs” Martha Kay posted.

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It should be noted that she is airing out all her emotions few days after celebrating her 28th birthday with her mother.