Spice Diana checks on bedridden Evelyn Lagu (Photos)

May 26, 2023

Singer Spice Diana has checked on fellow singer bedridden Evelyn Lagu in the hospital.

She gave an update about her health and it doesn’t look great like the wat people were hoping that she will be fine by now.

Evelyn Lagu has been suffering from kidney problems for some years. They even tried a transplant but it was unsuccessful.

That means she has to live off medication which is very strong and expensive. With other diseases at hand, Evelyn Lagu has tried with the medicine but her body is not up to it.

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She keeps getting in and out of the hospital because sometimes her body fails to take it in the medicine.

Like at this time she is in the hospital and she doesn’t look good at all. Although she tried to smile in the photos with Spice Diana it is clear she is in pain.

With the medicine being expensive and Evelyn Lagu not working, Spice Diana shared a phone number on social media for well wishers to give her whatever they can.

“She will make you forget that you actually came to visit a sick person with her kibozi , so jolly . So strong and lovely Evln . Quick recovery mama. Keep those prayers and support coming in . Reach her on +256 776 424 237 with anything you have bambi 🙏🏻❤️ God bless you . And the Good news is she entered her house that was constructed by all of you good souls . She is so grateful,”


Here are the photos