You have an evil, rotten heart – Bad Black blasts Spice Diana for sharing Evelyn Lagu’s photos on social media

May 26, 2023

Bad Black real name Namuyimbwa Shanita has no kind words for singer Spice Diana.

This came after she shared photos of sickly Evelyn Lagu on social media looking very weak while in the hospital.

Evelyn Lagu has been in and out of the hospital for some years now. But this time around she is looking very different because she has lost weight and her skin color has changed due to sickness.

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With the way she looks, it would be appropriate for someone to put her on social media for everyone to see.

Her loved ones wouldn’t want to have that image of her looks at the moment yet they are hoping for the better.

According to Bad Black, she thinks Spice Diana is looking for relevance in a very bad way.

She said the singer is just evil and has a rotten heart although she pretends to be a very nice person.

“I can saY a lot but this s the most evil action hv seen on internet today n name of looking for irrelevance .. rotten heart on clean body nze nsaba Allah obutatusa awo atwale nga mangu.. camera for what ? If you decide to help .. so the important was to take picture,” Bad Black posted