Mark Ronald Gifts Anita Fabiola A Monster Mercedes Benz On Giveaway Ceremony | VIDEO

January 6, 2023

Mark Ronald showed off financial muscle yesterday by gifting fiancée, Anita Fabiola a Mercedes Benz GLE at their Giveaway (Okuhingira) Ceremony that took place in Lubugumu, Kigo.

Mark and Fabiola started dating in 2018 and celebrated their fourth relationship anniversary on November 2nd, 2021.

Mark Ronald and Anita Fabiola

To cement their relationship, Mark proposed to Fabiola in August 2021 and the former NBS TV presenter said YES.

The pair started plans of settling and wanted their ceremonies become memorable.

Mark has spent heavily on Fabiola and never wanted to take risks.

In November 2022, Fabiola and Mark Flew to Turkey to do shopping for their ceremonies.

On December 15, Mark Ronald officially visited Anita Fabiola’s parents in a traditional ceremony known as ‘Okumba Obugyenyi’.

Yesterday, Fabiola’s parents officially handed her to Mark Ronald in a Kinyankole ceremony known as Okugamba Obugyenyi (Giveaway).

Mark showed off financial might by bringing a lot of presents and also gifted Fabiola a Mercedes Benz GLE.

Watch the video below:

Mark and Fabiola started dating in 2018. After their relationship went public, critics rushed to a conclusion that they won’t last basing on Fabiola’s dirty past. But the couple have grown strong and now counting four years together.

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