Godfrey Kirumira Trashes Rema-Hamza Separation Rumours, Reveal Wedding Plans | VIDEO

March 15, 2023
Rema and Hamza (L), Godfrey Kirumira (R)

Rema and Hamza (L), Godfrey Kirumira (R)

Godfrey Kirumira has trashed Rema Namakula – Hamza Sebunya separation rumours followings weeks of speculation.

Last month, word started making rounds that Hamza fled the Kyaliwajjala home and left Rema in cold bed.

In an interview with Godfrey Kirumira, who was the chairman of Rema-Hamza introduction party, he told BBS Terefayina presenter, Saymore Kawalata that the rumour is false.

Godfrey Kirumira

Kirumira disclosed that last week he visited Rema and Hamza and the pair also visited him at his home.

The chairman Kwagalana Group also revealed that the pair are planning a mega wedding that will happen soon.

Rema and Hamza:

After Kenzo abandoned Rema in his Seguku mansion in 2018, she started secretly dating Hamza.

Rema played a smart move, moved in with Hamza secretly until October 2019 when invitation cards for their introduction ceremony shocked the nation.

Nobody saw this coming. In November 2019, Rema successfully introduced Hamza to her relatives in a ceremony of the year that took place in Nabbingo on Masaka Road.

Hamza and Rema

Netizens predicted that their relationship would end in tears but 4-years down the road, the couple are still going strong.

Last year on November 6, Rema and Hamza welcomed their first child and named her Aaliyah Sebunya.

In January, this year, During a get together at their home, Hamza praised Rema and said every man needs a woman who gives them peace of mind. He told his relatives that Rema was the only missing piece in his life and revealed that all he asks from God is not to give him another wife.