Malicious Hacker Leaks Judith Heard’s Delicious Videos

Judith Heard

Judith Heard

Judith Heard went into panic mode yesterday after the hacker took down her Twitter account and started posting her delicious videos and photos.

Having realised that she was no longer in control of her account, the award winning city model took to her other social media accounts and apologized to the public for the unfortunate incident which is now happening for the second time.

My Twitter account has been hacked and the hacker is posting my n@@es I apologize for this I know this is the second time it’s happening but please understand me I need your support.

Judith Heard

Fortunately, Judith was helped by experts who acted fast to have her account suspended before delicious videos and photos went viral. But we had already secured a copy for you.


This is noT the first time Judith has fallen victim to malicious chaps. In 2013, Judith heard was blackmailed for $3,000 (£2,300) when someone stole her nu@e selfies and threatened to publish them online. 

She refused to pay and her photos were leaked without her consent in 2013. In May 2018, the nu2e photos of her began to circulate online again only this time she was arrested under Uganda’s Anti-Pornography Act.

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