Slay Queen Finally Drops Her Ta9e With Fik Fameica | VIDEO

Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica is rumoured to have fled Kampala after a malicious slay queen decided to dry him in the sun by dropping their ta9e.

On Monday, screenshots of Fik Fameica in Mazongoto with a slay queen leaked online as netizens pleaded to whoever had the full video to release it.

Today the ta9e of an amateur, Fik Fameica feeling the soft water melons of the slay queen finally made it to the internet.

Fik Fameica


Most celebs have a habit of munching in secret and deny in public and this has prompted slay queens to record them for collateral security.

Fresh from Andrew Kabuura-Mercy Twinomujuni WhatsApp chats, this will be entertaining netizens as they wait for a better professional ta9e.

Fik Fameica is alleged to be a sharpshooter! He is rumoured to hve eaten Lydia Jazmine but the pair trashed the talk and insisted their relationship is just musical.

However, their closeness has left netizens whispering as it shows they are more than just friends.

Musically, Fik Fameica has maintained himself on music top chats by releasing songs after songs. He recently released ‘LovLov’ and Buligita.