Lwasa Newly Engaged Bae, Haffie Runs Back To Her Children After Hubby Threatened To Dump Her

January 31, 2023
Lwasa after proposing to Haffie

Lwasa after proposing to Haffie

Whoever bewitched city tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi is seated on top of the tree watching all his moves.

After conniving with his children and kicked Angel Kwakunda out of his Bulaga home, Lwasa went in for city slay queen, Vanessa Vanny.

On October 2, Lwasa suffered a humiliation of his life after Vanessa called off the introduction ceremony on the D-Day. 

The skirt-loving tycoon, friends and relatives had suited up and ready to go, only his Best Man to received a phone call from Vanessa telling him that the function was cancelled.

After the humiliation, the skirt-loving tycoon vowed to take his time and get a woman who is not in limelight.

Lwasa after proposing to Haffie

3 months off the scene, on January 25, Lwasa called journalists and publicly proposed to a Muslim lady named Haffie. She is mature and netizens endorsed the couple arguing that she was the best person for Lwasa to settle with.

Now 5-days after the proposal, Haffie has run back to his children after her husband threatened to dump her.

According to an insider, Haffie is married with children. After the hubby watched her on TV accepting engagement ring, he became angry and threatened to divorce her.

This attracted her relatives who intervened and as a result, she ran back to her husband.

In an interview, Haffie revealed that her family deals in gold and Lwasa being a gold dealer, they found themselves close to each other.

On the fake engagement, Haffie disclosed that it was stage-managed by the Masaka tycoon and never wanted to humiliate him.