Lwasa Proposes To Kenyan Girlfriend Haffie After Vanessa Humiliation

January 25, 2023
Lwasa proposes to Kenyan girlfriend Haffie

Lwasa proposes to Kenyan girlfriend Haffie

City local tycoon, Lwasa Emmanuel Kaweesa has proposed to his new Kenyan girlfriend Haffie after being dumped and humiliated by Vanessa Vanny.

Lwasa with Haffy

On October 2, Lwasa suffered a humiliation of his life after Vanessa called off the introduction ceremony on the D-Day. Lwasa, friends and relatives had suited up and ready to go, only his Best Man to receive a phone call from Vanessa telling him that the function was cancelled.

Vanessa left Lwasa looking like a fool and taught him Kampala. She first persuaded him and pocketed 30m that were meant to buy gifts.

On the D-day, Lwasa ha to buy other gifts.

Some critics were happy with Vanessa saying that she was right to teach Lwasa a lesson.

Since 2019, Lwasa first dated singer, Desire Luzinda, then BBS Terefayina presenter, Dianah Nabatanzi, Angel Kwakunda, Karaoke Dancer, Kalibatanya and then Vanessa Vanny.

Before running to Vanessa, Lwasa first connived with his children and kicked Angel Kwakunda out of his Bulaga home on Mityana road.

After Vanessa humiliated him, Lwasa vowed to first give himself a break to make up a right decision.

Three months after Vanessa’s introduction flopped, today Lwasa proposed to his Kenyan girlfriend, Haffie at his offices.

Lwasa proposing to Haffie
Haffie showing off engagement ring

We haven’t established how long Lwasa and Haffie have been dating. But efforts are underway to gather the exclusive information about Haffie and where the skirt-loving tycoon found her.