Precious Remmie Aims Dig At Raymond Bindeeba’s Pregnant New Bae, Joan, Tells her – I Have The Ring! | VIDEO

January 30, 2023
Precious Remmie introduced Raymond Bindeeba in June 2022

Precious Remmie introduced Raymond Bindeeba in June 2022

Precious Remmie real name, Remma Nakitto – the Sanyuka TV presenter is not willing to give up on hubby, Raymond Bindeeba without a fight.

Precious Remmie introduced Bindeeba to her parents in a colourful ceremony that took place in Kawanda, Kanyogoga – Wakiso district in June 2022.

This was after Raymond proposed to Precious Remmie on October 12, 2021.

Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba

Over the weekend, Intel from the US confirmed that Bindeeba and Precious Remmie aka Ray P parted ways after their last trip in November.

An insider says Remmie checked Bindeeba’s phone and found out he was in touch with his ex-girlfriend, Joan Komuyimbo (Joy).

On his return to the US, Bindeeba officially rekindled relationship with Joan Komuyimbo (Joy).

The Ugandan community in California know about Bindeeba and Joan and the pair are now living happily together.

Joan Komuyimbo (Joy).

It is said that Bindeeba is suffering from diabetes and Joan is sweetly taking care and nursing his health condition. Sometimes she even drives to his workplace in Arizona to take medication, look after him and then spend time together over the weekend.

As separation rumour made rounds on the internet, Precious Remmie as usual hit back while presenting a show on Sanyuka TV.

She told netizens that she is the one with the ring and that her mum received dowry. She also hit back at fellow women who are spreading the word and questioned if he is going to date them.

How Precious Remmie met Raymond Bindeeba:

Netherlands-based blogger, MC Richie said Remmie connected with Raymond in Turkey during his boat boat festival.

Weeks later, Raymond proposed to Precious Remmie on October 12, 2021 and visited her parents in ‘Kukyala’ ceremony that took place on October 16, 2021.

After the Kukyala ceremony, Don Zella warned Remmie that her relationship would not last saying that Raymond loves skirt and that he had previously proposed to two babes and left them hanging.

Other netizens predicted that their relationship will end in tears. Then Sophia Akum came in accusing Raymond of being a deadbeat dad. All this went with the wind as Remmie showed no signs of slowing down.

In June 2022, Remmie introduced Bindeeba to her parents in Kawanda, Kanyogoga – Wakiso district.

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