Like Alien Skin, Mudra Reveals His Weird Motive Of Singing

August 2, 2023


Singer and songwriter Mudra D Viral has unleased his weird motive of joining the music industry.

He said he is not singing for a legacy like other musicians are doing. He is just doing it for survival and to make his people happy.

Mudra started as a song writer but he was unfortunate that the person he was working for Karole Kasita was making it without paying him.

He didn’t gain in his writing not until he decided to stop doing that and sing his songs.

When Cindy Sanyu gave him a collaboration, it opened up doors for him to fame and he has never gone back.

According to Mudra, there isn’t any big reason for him to sing because he doesn’t want to be considered as a legend in the near future.

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He said all he is looking at is surviving as an artiste and enjoying every moment he gets in the industry.

“I don’t want a music legacy I just want to survive and live good with my people. Many artistes work hard because they want to be remembered but that is not my goal as an artiste,” Mudra