Karole Kasita tears best friend Cindy apart, rebukes her

August 1, 2023

Singer Karole Kasita has no kind words for her best friend and fellow singer Cindy Sanyu.

She said the singer doesn’t need to remind people that she is a great artiste because they all know she is one.

Cindy Sanyu is the one that introduced Karole Kasita to the music industry. He gave her a collaboration and even taught her how it is done in the music industry.

Karole Kasita started from their and now she stands on her own as a musician without anyone pushing her.

Recently Cindy Sanyu commented about her saying she doesn’t see herself competing with Karole Kasita. She said she is better than her after all she is her teacher.

It looks like the statement didn’t sit well with Karole Kasita because she angrily commented about it saying she doesn’t need to be reminded all the time.

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According to Kasita, so many people known that Cindy is a great and talented musician. There is no need for her to announce herself all the time.

“Cindy sanyu doesn’t have to remind us that she’s a great artist, we know it. Don’t go telling people how great you are because it doesn’t make any sense,” – Karole Kasita