Vivian Tendo’s husband responds to Ugandans criticizing him for cooking for his wife

December 1, 2023
Moses Waswa Tinsley weds Vivian Tendo

Moses Waswa Tinsley weds Vivian Tendo

Singer Vivian Tendo’s husband Moses Tensely has responded to Ugandans criticizing him for cooking for his wife Vivian Tendo.

The photo of him in the kitchen was posted on social media and what made it worse was the way he was dressed while cooking.

He was in pajamas something that is not common in Africa to even find a man cooking yet he is married.

As a person who has stayed in developed countries like United states of America, he knows it is very normal and that’s why he called out people that were criticizing him.

Moses Tensely said it is no harm to cook for his wife and the children he looks after especially in the village.

He said he doesn’t care about it that much after all he understands that there are some people who have never travelled and don’t know what people in other countries do.

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“My villagemates were complaining when I cooked for my wife & kids at Gloryland. And why I was wearing pajamas. Well, did I have to put on a suit to fake life?
When you get to travel outside your village, you’ll not only cook for your yourself & wife, but even clean tables after eating in restaurants. Men can cook, wash dishes, do babysitting & still go to office for work. It’s just a journey to share. Not a ride for one & misery for the other. I didn’t break my legs or hands after cooking. Stereotype mindset makes life complicated” Vivian Tendo’s husband posted