King Michael succumbs to pressure, gives up concert dates for Cindy and Sheebah

July 25, 2023

Cindy, Sheebah,

Singer King Michael is about to give up on his concert due to the mounting pressure from Sheebah and Cindy.

The three of these artistes have set the same date for their concerts. King Michael had booked Lugogo Cricket Oval while Sheebah and Cindy have booked the same venue Kololo airstrip grounds.

Sheebah and Cindy have more fans than King Michael because he hasn’t been releasing any music for a few years so far.

Now that fans are gearing up to attend Sheebah and Cindy’s concert, no one is talking about King Michael and his concert.

He said he booked the date before Cindy and Sheebah but since they have decided to betray him, he is ready to also give up.

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King Michael said he has nothing to do because he is finding it very hard for compete with Cindy and Sheebah who have so many fans.

According to King Michael, maybe God has a better day for him, 15th September 2023 will be left for the ladies Sheebah and Cindy to enjoy.

“I am considering giving up the date for the ladies. I announced first but since they have decided to organize j have nothing to do but to let them have the day to themselves” – King Michael on his concert