DRAMA! Kabaya accuses Buchaman of being a political prostitute

July 25, 2023


The ghetto is on fire after Kabaya accuses the self proclaimed president and presidential advisor Buchaman of being a political prostitute.

Before Buchaman refered to himself as the ghetto president, Bobi Wine was the one that was known to have that title.

But when he joined active politics, Buchaman who was once his best friend just betrayed him and supported the ruling party NRM.

He even went ahead and declared himself the ghetto president. But after President Museveni giving him less time, Buchaman told the media that he is ready to go back to Bobi Wine.

Buchaman said he wants Bobi Wine to forgive him, and welcome him to National Unity Platform (NUP).

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According to Kabaya, Buchaman needs to stay in one political party. People already know where he belongs and he should stay their.

Kabaya revealed that Buchaman is not trustworthy and now the ghetto sees him as the enemy.

“I don’t think it is right for Buchaman to move from one political party to another. That is prostitution, he needs to be in one place. The ghetto doesn’t trust him anymore although he calls himself the ghetto president,” Kabaya