Kim Swagga to be declared dead by Bad Black as their daughter turns 15years

March 13, 2023

Socialite and self proclaimed prostitute Bad Black real name Namuyimbwa Shanita is to declare her baby daddy Kim Swagga dead as their daughter turns 15 years.

Bad Black has four children and each of her children has a different father. Her second born was fathered by Kim Swagga Pastor Mondo’s son.

By the time Kim Swagga and Bad Black had a child, they were not in a relationship, they were just having fan and they baby came in unplanned.

Instead of raising the child together, Kim Swagga left all the responsibilities for Bad Black and married a white Lady.

According to Bad Black, she doesn’t want to see Kim Swagga coming to ask for her child yet he has never provided anything since she was born.

Outspoken Bad Black said when her child asks for the father after turning 15 years, she will tell her the dad died long time ago.

Being a single mother of four children is not easy. All of Bad Black’s children are living with her and none has access to their father physically. The person acting as a father figure is Bad Black’s young boyfriend Usher

“Naye ngenda okulaba ng’eno embwa ya Kim Swagga eyasamya ekimwa mbu black mpa omwana wange nga tamanyi na location, ate once she turns 15 I will declare her dad dead,” Bad Black said.