Julie Mutesasira warns Ugandan pastors talking about her children

March 13, 2023

Former gospel singer and ex wife to Pastor Mutesasira Julie Birungi has warned Ugandan pastors talking about her three children.

Before Julie divorced with her husband, she had three children. Two girls and one boy who became famous in 2019 after winning the East Africa’s Got talent.

In 2021, the children moved to Canada to find their mother who has joined the LGBTQ community and married a fellow woman.

So many people have been dragging her children into the gay saga going on in Uganda and Julie Mutesasira is not appreciating that.

For Pastors who are busy preaching about Julie’s children, Esther, Ezekiel and the last one, she said they should let her children be.

According to Julie, her children are living a better life in Canada, having good education and planning to even get better jobs in future.

She said those that want to talk about her children should first give birth and see how parenthood is. That’s when they will have the audacity to say whatever they are saying.

Outspoken Julie Birungi asked pastors to preach the word of God not her children because she believes what made them famous is the gospel not names of people’s children.