Abitex to sue Alien Skin for over UGX70 Millions for damages

August 10, 2023
Alien Skin

Alien Skin

Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi famously known as Abitex has revealed that he is going to sue trending musician Alien Skin.

He said he wants over UGX70 Millions for damages that were caused by the singer.

Alien Skin and Abitex started working together after he was slapped by Pallaso across the face. They saw an opportunity of making money which worked.

By the time of the Sitya Danger Concert, Alien Skin had an idea of the Nkwacho festival which he said he had been organizing for the whole year.

Abitex decided to buy it away from him for UGX100 Millions. Unfortunately as days were nearing, Alien Skin cancelled the show saying he can’t do it.

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The reasons he gave were rotating around money. He said Abitex didn’t full full his promises of paying the money in time.

Now the promoter is saying he has already invested some money in the show and he needs it back.

According to Abitex, he has given Alien Skin just one week to pay his money back and if he doesn’t he will be taken to court.

“I don’t like untruthful people like Alien Skin. We had agreed but he decided to stop the Nkwacho festival. I had already invested my money in the show with UGX70 Millions and I need it back in less than a week,” Abitex said