Jose Chameleone Slams London Promoter For Belittling Alien Skin | AUDIO

June 23, 2023
L-R: Pallaso, Alien Skin, Jose Chameleone

L-R: Pallaso, Alien Skin, Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameloene has slammed London-based Events promoter, Jobs Link for showing Ugandan artistes no respect.

Chamili was reacting to the photos of Alien Skin and David Lutalo flying economy to London where they will be performing at Purple Party Tour slated to take place at Royal Regency Hall, tomorrow, Saturday, June 24.

Alien Skin

Douglas Lwanga, the CEO Purple Party in partnership with Jobs Link, booked Pallaso, Alien Skin, Azawi, David Lutalo and Mikie Wine to thrill UK revelers.

Due to the boiling beef, Alien Skin vowed not to travel if Pallaso was going and gave promoters enough time to sort themselves out.

Yesterday, Pallaso confirmed he won’t be performing in London, a sign that he was overlooked by promoters. Hours after Pallaso confirmed that he had pulled out, Douglas Lwanga shared a video of himself with Alien Skin and DJ Mercy in transit heading to London.

Abtex who took advantage of Alien Skin-Pallaso fight and organised ‘Sitya Danger’ Concert at Freedom City in nust four days, shared photos of the ‘Nkwacho’ Boy with David Lutalo’ in economy class heading to the UK.

This did not go well with Jose Chameleone who slammed London promoters especially Jobs Link for showing no respect.

Jose Chameleone

Chamili argued that you cannot fly an artist who is going to make for you millions of pounds economy class and asked promoters to start according artists respect they deserve.

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