Yung Mulo On Why Alien Skin Needs To Pay Him For A Collaboration

June 24, 2024

Singer Yung Mulo has revealed reasons why he needs to be paid in order  to have a collaboration with fellow singer Alien Skin.

He said that he has been in the music industry for so long and doesn’t need someone to help him stay in the industry like they say.

Alien Skin has been on top of his game for a year now. He has said that his goal is to help other struggling musicians to make it. He said that even the old musicians that faded away he can help them gain their fame.

According to Yung Mulo, Alien Skin thinks that he can wrap everyone around his fingers but he is not one of the people that will get carried away.

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He said he doesn’t need a song with him and will never one with him unless he is paid to do that and is earning a lot from it.

“Honestly I can’t do a song with AlienskinUg again, unless he pays me for the collaboration,” – Yung Mulo