Jose Chameleone Overpowers Protesters, Performs In South Africa | VIDEOS

June 19, 2022
Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone proved he is a legend after he overpowered planned protests, arrest and performed in South Africa last night.

Chamili who was on short holiday to check on his family in the US, jetted in South Africa on Friday and started preparing for his last night’s show.

Jose Chameleone (M) chilling with Katsha De’Bank (L) and a friend in South Africa

Word started making rounds that the show was under threat from NUP protesters and a music promoter, Zaina Namuwonge who demanded 18m from Chameleone for failing to perform at a show he was booked for in 2015.

At around 10pm last night, word spread on social media that Chameleone had been arrested in South Africa. Three NUP fans released a video burning Chameleone’s show posters and saying he was in going to spend a night in jail. They bragged that there was no way he was going to perform under their watch.

However, Chameleone’s links in South Africa said that he was not put in jail at any one moment.

They say he was shortly held by police at a hotel in Sandton, South Africa after Zaina reported him for failure to refund 80,000 Rands (18m Ugx).

They settled the matter and Chamili accompanied by his brother, Weasel Manizo as usual thrilled fans until wee hours of today morning.

Watch Jose Chameleone performing in South Africa:

Jose Chameleone v NUP fans:

In 2021 general elections, Jose Chameleone and DP members crossed and joined National Unity platform (NUP).

Chameleone thought Bobi Wine would throw weight behind him and be fronted as NUP party flag bearer on the post of Kampala Lord mayor. NUP snubbed him and fronted Latif Sebagala who later pulled out.

With Lafif out, the ‘Basima Ogenze’ hitmaker thought his chance had come to be given the flag. Again, NUP snubbed him and fronted Nabilah Nagayi Sempala which annoyed Chameleone.

Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone

In the Kampala lord mayor race, he came third behind incumbent, Erias Lukwago and Ragga Dee.

In March as he performed in Kyengera, revelers demanded that Chameleone recognises Bobi Wine but the legendary artist reminded the audience that the Ghetto gladiator denied him a party ticket and he also decided to distance himself from him.

He also bragged that when it comes to music, he rules and that he is number one.

In April during Gen Muhoozi’s birthday party, Jose Chameleone interrupted performance and told NUP supporters to stop the familiarity and telling him about Kamwokya because he was singing for his friend.

I’m here to sing because of my friend Toyota. You all remember he gave me a Range Rover. Some of you were not happy. But I don’t care. I am here to sing because of Muhoozi. I make my choices. Some of you want to make decisions for me. I won’t accept that.

Why mix politics with music all time. I no longer care about what you say because I won’t contest again. That chapter ended.

Some people have been saying that I won’t sing in South Africa or any other places if I perform here at Muhoozi’s birthday, hmmm, no one can bully me. I will perform wherever I want.

Jose Chameleone ranted.

NUP fans started a campaign and vowed to sabotage his performances.

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