Bad Black On Why She Thinks Chosen Becky Is A Stupid Mother

July 11, 2024

Self proclaimed president of prostitutes Bad Black has revealed reasons why she thinks singer Chosen Becky is a stupid mother.

Chosen Becky is a mother of three beautiful children. She said she gave birth to her first child when she was still a teenager.

She even dropped out of school to look after the child. When she joined the music industry that is when she met the father of her young children blogger Dictator Amir.

Her eldest son has been sick for a while where he gets admitted and is even put on oxygen.

Bad Black said as a mother posting a sick child shows how one is desperate for like and followers on her social media. She said that she is chasing clout which is not good at all.

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She asked Chosen Becky to sit down and look after children instead of posting the sick moment that are taunting.

“Good morning choosen becky have taken mY time to think about this post As a single mother of 4 children I am n good position to call You a stupid mother who is chasing for clout and views in Your child condition… instead of finding time and the right solution for Your son who s fighting for his life your busy taking his videos n search condition and recording Yourself crying… nga maama where do you even get that time right now singa simanyi sim weli … a mother is a strong soldier who s willing to do anything for there children….. stop recording the baby and let us find the solution if hospitals they’ve failed kindly became a witch we do hiden things for our children that’s wht they call a mother,” Bad Black said