Full Figure unbotherd by fans prayers for her death

May 8, 2023

full Figure

Presidential advisor and critic Full Figure real name Nakangubi Jennifer is unbothered by a fans prayer for her death.

She said everyone has time for their death and they one praying for her to die will also die at one point in life.

Full Figure replied to him that death is the way for everyone, the only difference is the time and the way one meets their death.

Here is the screenshot;

Full Figure is one of the female outspoken people when it comes to entertainment and politics.

She used to be a supporter of Bobi Wine and NUP but she crossed and joined the ruling party where she was given the presidential advisor job.

Ever since, she has been to well about government although sometimes she has attacked some government officials.

Then she has been speaking ill about the opposition people and political parties something that is not professional.

The same as Isma Olaxess who was shot dead and people think the words he has been talking about people are the ones that led to his death.

A fan commented on Full Figure’s post saying he wishes she is also killed like the way Isma Olaxess was killed.