Hon Ssegirinya and Isma (Jajja Iculi) fight for the Mr. Updates title

March 31, 2023

There is a war making rounds all over between Kawempe North Member of Parliament Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad and social media blogger Isma Olaxess.

Before Ssegirinya joined active music, he was also a social media blogger who used to call himself Mr. Updates giving news about everything.

But behind him, they were other bloggers like Isma Olaxess who had also their space and followers on their platforms.

After Ssegirinya won the Kawempe North Member of Parliament, his updates started being political only without any entertainment and gossip in it.

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Unfortunately Muhammad Ssegirinya was arrested for more than 17 months and his social media platforms didn’t give updates anymore.

On returning, people like Isma Olaxess has taken over giving people updates and everything they need to hear both politically and entertainment.

Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad made a press conference and said he is back on the internet and people like Isma Olaxess shouldn’t be Mr. Updates.

Isma Olaxess said Ssegirinya should know he is not the only one who was giving updates. But he was just confused by politics.

“I created my own internet monsters. Hon Ssegirinya should know I was their and better than him although politics was just blinding him to see who is better than the other”Isma Olaxes responds to Mr Update