It has ended in tears! Shakib and Zari unfollow each other on social media

February 23, 2024
Shakib and Zari

Shakib and Zari

UhSouth Africa based socialite Zari the bosslady and her husband Shakib Lutaaya have called it quits.

The two seem to have ended their marriage as they unfollowed each other on socialo media platforms and deleted all their photos together.

Shakib and Zari the bosslady started dating in 2023. Few months into their relationship Shakib proposed to Zari and she accepted the proposal.

They did a wedding that was attended by only three people in the mosque and later did a white wedding where they invited friends and family.

For the past months, Zari and Shakib were all over social media. Shakib’s baby mama had exposed all his dirt, how he doesn’t work and how he is not a good father.

She also posted her chats with Zari the Bosslady as they were backbiting Shakib and his bad manners.

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Yesterday a video of Shakib with another lady in a car made rounds on social media. It turned out that lady is DJ Alisha who was dating Shakib longtime.

According to DJ Alisha, the video is if some time back and she doesn’t know who posted it on social media.

Zari was quick to delete and unfollow Shakib on her Instagram something that may indicate the couple of calling it quits.