Momo19 and Daxx Kartel welcome twins

February 23, 2024

The celebrity power couple television presenter Momo19 and singer Daxx Kartel have welcomed twins.

The photos of the babies were posted on social media yesterday evening accompanied with congratulatory messages.

Momo19 and Daxx Kartel have been together for almost ten years. They first cohabitted and then married officially in 2022

All that time they have been together they didn’t have a child together.

Momo19 used to say that they have plans and they don’t think they are at the right time of having children.

However as a married African couple, there is always need to have children. There is always pressure from families wanting grand children.

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Momo19 and Daxx Kartel had their issues but they worked them out. Instead of taking a break they decided to have children.

They have all been offline on their social media platforms although there has been rumours that say Momo19 is pregnant.

None of them Momo19 and Daxx Kartel have talked about the children although people close to them have revealed that couple has twins.

This year different celebrities are expecting children. Precious Remmie who is also a very close friend to Momo19 is expecting a child with her husband.