Photos: Unforgettable moments missed at Rema’s Concert

February 24, 2024

Yesterday singer Rema Namakula had an incredible concert at Sheraton that left people speaking.

She was incredibly fashionable and so many artistes showed up to support her by performing and even just attending.

Rema also surprised her fans with artistes that they didn’t expect to see on her Concert.

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The singer was fully supported by her husband Dr Hamza Ssebunya. He even showed up and kissed her on stage leaving fans asking for more.

One of the best moments was when Rema got on stage with Juliana Kanyomoz. No one expected her to be on the stage as they don’t have any songs together.

Another moment was when the Ben from Rwanda got on stage to sing with Rema the song they had together.

At the same time no one expected the Ben to be around because he was in Uganda during Valentine’s day to perform at Comedy store.

So many people showed up to support Rema with the Katikiro of Buganda Peter Mayiga inclusive. Even Lydia Jazmine who is said to be the co-wife was also present to support her.