Is Precious Remmie in love again? Here is the truth

May 18, 2023

There has been a question lingering in people’s minds for some time now. It is about the relationship status of media personality Precious Remmie.

Fans have been questioning if she is still in love because these days, she doesn’t speak more about the husband like she used to do.

Precious Remmie got married last year in 2022 but she spoke about the marriage part as if it is winning a trophy.

Since the time they proposed to her she couldn’t stay calm. She got obsessed with her husband speaking about him everytime she got an opportunity.

But all that slowed down in February 2023 when Bindeeba was rumored to have gotten another lady in the USA pregnant.

Precious Remmie got mute and ever since, she hasn’t been speaking about Bindeeba more often

So fans have been wanting to know if they are still together or if Precious Remmie is seeing another man.

It is not clear if Remmie is seeing another man. What is clear is that she is still in love and she likes it

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Precious Remmie tweeted about it saying she is glowing because she is in love.

“The glow of someone who is in love 😇,” Precious Remmie tweeted.