Daxx Kartel on why he hasn’t got Momo19 pregnant

May 15, 2023

Singer Daxx Kartel Omuyeruba has revealed why she hasn’t got his wife former television presenter Momo19 pregnant.

He said it is a decision they have both made as a married a couple.

Momo19 and Daxx Kartel have been together for more than 10 years. But the eight years were for dating and cohabit and then the others are for marriage.

The two officially got married in 2021 in a beautiful ceremony. But a month after their marriage, they got misunderstandings and exposed themselves to the public.

Momo19 later revealed it was about witchcraft. She said some jealousy friend brought the medicine on their wedding ceremony which resulted into the violence they experienced.

But after knowing that, they prayed about it and they got fine ready to move on as a married a couple.

There has been pressure from the public about them having children. Some said the reason they had got misunderstandings is because of children.

According to Daxx Kartel, the decision of not having children immediately after their marriage was made by both of them.

They said they will have children when they are ready but not from the pressure of fans and social media users.

“Nze ne mukyala wange tuli bulungi, ffe obutazaala baana mangu kye kintu kye twasalawo okukola, kinyuma okusalawo nga abaagalana obutakola bintu bimu nga temusinziira ku puleesa eva mu bantu,” – Dax Kartel Omunyeruba