Is Pallaso’s fight with Alien Skin a stunt for his concert? Here is the truth

May 30, 2023

Pallaso and Alien Skin yesterday gave Ugandans a free film as the two washed social media with their fight.

The fight has happened towards Pallaso’s concert which is meant to happen at Lugogo Cricket Oval on 9th June 2023.

Alien Skin is the one that has been known for beating up people but this time he is the one that has been beaten.

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With his arrogancy, he didn’t fight back he just walked away after receiving slaps from Pallaso. The most surprising part is that he was beaten and called on police to escort him out of the place.

He was also seen jumping off the police moving car and by 10pm, he was at his home.

I Spared Him – Alien Skin Claims Pallaso Can’t Beat Him, Vows To Teach Him A Lesson

When the media contacted him, Alien Skin denied being beaten. He only called upon his people and fans to go support Pallaso at his concert on 9th June.

That left people wondering if the fight was a stunt for the concert or if Pallaso genuinely meant to discpline Alien Skin for disrespecting him.

The truth about the fight will be told later but for now Alien Skin revealed that he is on the same page with Pallaso and he will even start his concert.