Was It A Trick? Here Is Why Alien Skin Performed For Ham Kigundu At Nakivubo For Free

June 5, 2024

Singer Alien Skin has revealed reasons why he decided to perform for free at Nakivubo stadium even with so much money involved.

He said it wasn’t a trick to get more money, but he did it from his heart.

Alien Skin is one of the musicians that has been so close to Ham Kigundu. She is among the musicians that always go to Ham’s office for business plans.

According to the singer every time he has met Ham he has given him money without working for it. He said it was something that he has always asked himself why he gives him money.

Alien Skin said he has waited for an opportunity to pay him back and that is why he ended up deciding not to ask for any penny for the recent concluded concert.

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The singer said people said he used it as a trick to show Ham that he is a good person and he will be getting more money than what he was to perform for.

“He’s been giving me money that I’ve not worked for – Alien Skin explains why he didn’t ask for money to perform at Nakivubo