Pallaso apologizes to Alien Skin

May 30, 2023

Saka free boss king of the East Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has issues an apology to fellow singer Alien Skin.

This came after he slapped him across the face yesterday evening live canera.

It is said that Alien Skin had allegedly disrespected Pallaso and instead of approaching him well, the situation got out of control including a physical altercation.

After a whole night, Pallaso has now apologized to both his fans and Alien Skin himself.

In his apology, Pallaso regrets how things happened and he wishes he didn’t act like he acted.

According to Pallaso, he has been under pressure because of the incoming concert in that sometimes it is hard for him to control his anger.

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The singer said he takes the full blame of what happened.

“Hello my dear fans. I am sorry I lost my temper last night. So many events transpired off record and I’ve been under a lot of pressure at work, but that’s no excuse for my behavior. I love you and will try harder not to mishandle my frustrations next time. I am very sad and I am truly, truly sorry, I wasn’t able to handle the situation both differently and better.” For my brother Alien Skin, I am also genuinely sorry. Darkness cant take out darkness only light and i should know better. I take the full blame. I am sorry,” Pallaso posted