Alien Skin Speaks About His Friendship With Weasel And Why He Recorded Him

May 28, 2024

Singer Alien Skin has revealed reasons why he decided to record fellow singer Weasel knowing he wasn’t sober.

He said they were friends although they were not so close and he got permission to record him before he started recording him.

Weasel has been struggling with life ever since he lost his best friend and duo mate Mozey Radio.

His family said he has never been the same, he drinks so much and even takes drugs because of the grieving.

Weasel was passing by Alien Skin’s residence and he decided to stop by and check on him. By that time he looked like he was very drunk or he was under the influence of drugs.

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Fans were not happy with Alien Skin for destroying the brand of Weasel by releasing videos of himself in a poor state he was in.

According to Alien Skin, his intentions were not malicious. He usually posts videos of himself with celebrities as it is his way of marketing himself and the young artistes he is pushing.

He said he explained to Weasel and he doesn’t think he was mad at home for posting those videos.

“Me posting Weasel’s videos wasn’t out of a bad heart to destroy his brand. I explained to him my intentions and hopefully he wasn’t mad at me for what I did,”