I will not stop kicking disrespectful fans – Winnie Nwagi

July 18, 2023

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has assured the disrespectful fans that she will not stop kicking them.

Winnie Nwagi made this statement following the threats from fans of throwing bottles at her whenever she steps on stage.

The singer has been trending for some days now. This happened after two videos of her beating fans went viral on social media.

One of the videos a fan was trying to clean her shoes using his t-shirt and s another video a fan was trying to put money into Winnie Nwagi’s bra.

Nwagi has been so vocal when it comes to make fans touching her. She said she is not a prostitute and she doesn’t go on stage to attract men to touch her.

According to the singer, no one is going to disrespect her while she is doing her job.

Winnie Nwagi sajd she knows her rights as an artiste and that will not stop her from attacking where necessary.

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She said she is not going to change anything in her characters. Fans that will try to disrespect her will get kicked until they learn the lessons.

“I will not stop beating disrespectful fans just because they are threatening to throw bottles at me. I have learnt that as an artiste I have rights and I will have to go by those rights. No one is going to protect me” Winnie Nwagi said