Video: Karole Kasita leaves Nyege Nyege fans in shock as she shows off her sumbie

November 11, 2023

Singer Karole Kasita has left Nyege Nyege fans in shock and enjoying themselves as she showed off everything she has the sumbie inclusive.

Nyege Nyege is an annual event that happens in the forests of Jinja district. So many attend to it especially those that come from outside Uganda.

Different musicians are lined up for performances and yesterday it was Karole Kasita’s turn to make the revellers dance.

The singer came off as a whole vibe and her dance moves were everything the fans had asked for before coming to Nyege Nyege.

Karole Kasita dances and her clothes were all on her head leaving other parts of the body in display for the fans to enjoy.

Different people that attended Nyege Nyege enjoyed her performance that up to now they are still asking for more of her at the event.

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Here is the video:

Unfortunately there are so many artistes on the line up, Karole Kasita can’t perform one more time.

There are other musicians who are trying their level best to give one of a kind performance. But Karole Kasita’s performance had gone beyond people’s expectations.