Photos: Hon Ssegirinya severely sick, needs more prayers

November 13, 2023

Kawempe North Member of parliament hon Ssegirinya Muhammad is severely sick and needs more prayers from his supporters.

Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad has been sick for some time. The sicknesse started when he was arrested in 2021.

He was arrested on suspicion on muders in masaka and was denied a bail for over two years. Throughout those years, Hon Ssegirinya complained about being sick.

Some people said ge was using it as an excuse to get bail. Even after being released, Hon Ssegirinya went to the USA to get better treatment.

He has been on medication and recently he was bedridden again. He is still getting treatment in Uganda.

Different members of parliament and those of parliament have visited him in the hospital.

Hon Ssegirinya finally apologises to Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro

They are sharing photos of him in the hospital and people like Don Zella are not happy about it.

She is saying that Hon Ssegirinya needs privacy and people need to stop sharing his photos on social media for everyone to see.

“Stop taking pictures of Hon segirinya tusaba kilometer it’s enough bange please everyone who goes there taking pictures please stop for his privacy,” Don Zella said.

It should be noted that Hon Ssegirinya said he has sickness like skin cancer and liver failures.

Doctors are doing so much to keep him healthy but he is still not looking like a healthy person.