Here Is Why Ashburg Kato Will Never Go Back To NUP

May 25, 2024

Ex social media blogger and now farmer Ashburg Kato has sworn to never return to the leading opposition political party National Unity Platform (NUP).

He said people there are not welcoming and she doesn’t think she can be very comfortable while their.

Ashburg Kato is one of the people that joined the National Unity Platform (NUP) at it’s beginning stages. He wasn’t just a member but also a very close associate to the President Bobi Wine.

He allowed him at his home and around the children with his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi.

Ashburg Kato decided to betray Bobi Wine and NUP by joining the ruling party at a critical point of the elections.

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Like any other blogger with a huge following, Ashburg Kato had so much influence on people and that is what every contesting leader wants from the people.

According to Ashburg Kato, he left without plans of returning back. He said Bobi Wine is not forgiving even if he wanted to return it wouldn’t be that possible.

“Bobi Wine isn’t forgiving so I’ll not go back to NUP,” Ashburg Kato said during interview with Sanyuka television