Spice Diana Reveals Why She Is Better Than Sheebah

May 25, 2024

Songstress Spice Diana is not having it when it comes to her nemesis and biggest competitor Sheebah Kalungi.

She called her out saying she should pretending to be a good person yet she is not that good.

Spice Diana said Sheebah is a fake feminist who hides in their saying she supports women yet she doesn’t want to see her fellow women especially those in the music industry succeed.

Sheebah and Spice Diana were actually silent enemies. But when they started speaking they worked on being friends and helping each other succeed in what they are doing.

Few months into the relationship, Spice Diana was done with it all. She deleted the photos and photos of them together on all social media platforms.

Sheebaholics Ask Their Singer Permission To Attack Spice Diana

She said she doesn’t deal with fake people who are looking for the public sympathy to make them seem like they are good people yet they are not.

Sheebah released a song which was dissing song ‘sipimika’. She didn’t direct it to anyone but Spice Diana took it upon herself and responded to it saying it is not good.

She said fake feminist just hiding behind people with good intentions and pure hearts.

“she is very fake and I repeat she is a fake feminist. I have never met someone who is as fake as she is,”