Sandra Lian Vows To Deal With Alien Skin After Being Thrown Off Stage | VIDEO

September 4, 2023
Sandra Lian

Sandra Lian

Sandra Lian aka Lucia is still fuming after Alien Skin’s boys humiliated and thrown her off stage during Purple Party in Fort Portal last week.

The NBS TV gossip queen who has been trying hard to capture the attention of viewers, suffered humiliation of her life when Alien Skin’s security dragged her off stage and pushed her off like a dog as Kimenke prepared to storm the stage for performance.

Alien Skin performing

As a wanna be, Lian wanted to stay on stage and steal a moment with Alien Skin but due to the boiling beef, she was kicked off like a dog.

Almost a month, Sanyuka TV and NBS TV have been at loggerheads with Alien Skin over Champion Gudo. It all started when Kampala Parents offered Champion Gudo a scholarship and Alien Skin turned it down by asking the school management to first meet him.

Sandra Lian

Sanyuka TV and NBS TV hunted for Champion Gudo’s parents to force Alien allow Gudo go to Kampala Parents. This angered Alien and blasted MC Kats and vowed to deal with Sanyuka and NBS TV.

At Purple Party, we are told he asked his boys to chase all Sanyuka and NBS TV presenters off stage before stepping on it. And his boys did not waste to throw Lian off like a chicken thief.

On the stage, Alien also threatened to stop performance if Sanyuka TV dared to broadcast his performance.