Geosteady denies being behind the separation of ex Prima and Mr. Henry

August 26, 2023
Prima Kardashi and Geosteady

Prima Kardashi and Geosteady

Singer Geosteady has denied being the person behind the separation of his ex wife and baby mama Prima Kardashi with radio presenter Mr. Henry.

He said he doesn’t even know why they separated because he was seeing them as a happy couple on social media.

Prima and Geosteady were together for more than eight years. They even gave birth to two children who they are now co-parenting.

After they separated, they moved on to other relationships. Prima started dating radio presenter Mr. Henry while Geosteady continued with girlfriend Hindu.

When Geosteady came back into the life of Prima so that they co-parent, the relationship between Prima and Mr. Henry ended.

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People blamed the break up on Geosteady saying before he came to their lives, they were very happy but after his presence they separated.

In a recent interview, Geosteady cleared the air saying he is actually not the person that made Prima and Mr. Henry to separate.

He said Prima Kardashi is just a complicated person, he knew that Mr. Henry will actually not manage her but he kept quiet and watched the space.

“I am not the one who caused the separation between Prima Kadash and Henry. It’s important to mention that Prima is not an easy woman to understand,” Geosteady