Godfrey Jjemba Matte’s Runaway Wife Wants To Return After Watching Him Chilling With Big Boys

Godfrey Jjemba Matte with well wisher

Godfrey Jjemba Matte with well wisher

Celebrated burial conductor, Godfrey Jjemba Matte has revealed his ex-wife is secretly begging him to allow her return home after watching him chilling with the ‘Big Boys’.

Despite siring 11 children together, Florence Nabaweesi betrayed Jjemba and started serving his meat to the neighbor. When Jjemba caught them red-handed, he decided to surrender her to the neighbor whom she has been staying with for three years.

With social media power, Jjemba found himself a star trending which prompted television stations to interview him thanks to his unique style of reading burial announcements.

Godfrey Jjemba receiving building materials from well wishers

Residing in Mbulakati village in Kitimbwa sub-county, Jjemba found himself receiving goodies from well wishers who were moved by his humble story. He is in the process of renovating his house.

Rapper, Gravity Omutujju has also featured the 69-year old in his video of new song ‘Tusimbudde.

After witnessing Jjemba’s status change within a month, Nabaweesi wants to return and enjoy the good life.

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