Ghost Okwepicha Couple Into Cabbage | VIDEO

June 16, 2023


Ghosts are real and you should pray before you sleep to avoid inconveniences during sweet nap.

There used to be stories of how ghosts used to okwepicha people while a sleep but some critics argued that these were just stories to scare people.

From what we witnessed in a clip, we can say that the stories are true.

In a clip shared on Twitter, a couple can be seen in deep sleep. All of a sudden, the babe’s body turned and the ghost started okwepicha Kabuzi style.

The babe woke up from the sleep and thought it was the boyfriend disturbing her only to find the guy was a sleep.

She went back to sleep and her lips started moving as if someone was locking lips with her.

Again she woke up to confront the guy but she was told not to disturb.

This time around, the guy’s leg can be seen being lifted in the air and of a sudden attacked from behind.

He woke up making alarm.

We can say the ghosts are real.