Feffe Bussi on why he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about Karole Kasita’s baby daddy

June 19, 2023

Singer and rapper Feffe Bussi has revealed reasons why he doesn’t feel very comfortable talking about fellow singer Karole Kasita’s baby daddy.

Karole Kasita welcomed her first child a baby boy early this year. But with her pregnancy and even after giving birth, she kept mute about the baby daddy.

By the time she got pregnant, she was rumored to be dating Feffe Bussi. Even one of their romantic audios were released on social media.

But Karole Kasita still denied being in love with Feffe Bussi. She said she got pregnant on her birthday as she was trying to have fun like any other lady.

Fans have been connecting Feffe Bussi to Karole Kasita’s child although she has requested them to leave her child out of the media.

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She even recently said she is a single mother but the father of her child is very caring and supportive in everyway.

When Feffe Bussi was asked in an interview if he is truly the father of Karole Kasita’s child, he said he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it.

According to Feffe Bussi, Karole Kasita will tell the world the father of her baby if she wants to.

“I don’t feel comfortable talking about who the dad to Karole Kasita’s baby is, she will come out and open up” – Feffe Bussi Music