Fifi DaQueen, Family Leaves Uganda, Asks Veteran Journalists To Retire

September 12, 2023
Fifi DaQueen with Fab Love

Fifi DaQueen with Fab Love

Fifi DaQueen real name, Fiona Nabitengero and her family relocated from Uganda and decided to settle abroad as they eye bright future.

At the peak of her career, Fifi shocked her fans and resigned from Bukedde TV in April 2020. Some started speculating that she was forced out due to her strong links with People Power (NUP) as Vision Group is a state run media house.

Fifi Daqueen

In June this year, Fifi detailed her departure from Bukedde through her social media handles. She highlighted that she had nothing to offer in exchange for the job as the reason as to why she left.

For starters, my name is Fifidaqueen mukyala Nsubuga omu bwati ,I joined Media during ma s4 till I got tired n left vision grp. I Joined it during Hajati Nabukenyaz tym so it was on merits coz I had nothing to exchange for a job but my talent. This talented soul resigned from her work almost a yr plus. Tebangoba ngako. I took my decision as a person for my personal reasons. Bakwano mukendeze excitement. I hosted shows like,
Gwe ossalawo
Ekyenkya kya weekend
Kulya cash among others and I was irreplaceable dats why bwenva mu show abadamu bavuya. I’m glad I was among the pioneers of bukedde Tv n among those few the audience accepted n loved the way we were.
And I pray it’s not us it stopped on kubanga audience ezira .
The maturity in me could not allow me stay for long so wen ma wings grew I had to fly.

Fifi Daqueen

On several interviews Fifi has always urged presenters to look further and quit low paying journalism jobs.

As we speak, Fifi left Uganda with her children and settled in Canada. Her husband, Abdullah Nsubuga aka Fab Love was the first person to leave, however, he is in the US.

Following MC Kats and Alien Skin’s scuffle at Geosteady’s show at Hotel Africana, she has advised veteran journalists to retire before it’s late.

Nga bwetwakoowa abafuzi abulede muntebbe, bwetukooye neba presenters abawoza tuludewo nga mwonona bintu namwe muwumule by force. Buli mukadde mu political n Journalism word nga mutandise kwonona retire before late.