WAR! Ykee Benda in custody battle over a child with ex wife Julie

September 19, 2023

Singer Ykee Benda is in a custody battle of his first born Dante with the ex wife and baby mama Julie Batega.

The two were together for some years but after having a child, they called it quits and decided to focus on the child alone.

Dante is now four years but Ykee Benda revealed that he has spent two years without seeing him or having him physically.

He said he has begged to see his son but has got tired as the ex wife can’t allow him to spend time with him.

According to Ykee Benda, ex wife has failed to move on yet for him he has moved on and even introduced his girlfriend to the public.

Having a girlfriend became an issue because Julie is jealousy and she doesn’t want her son to be around the new girlfriend which is not okay with Ykee Benda.

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Ykee said he has contacted many lawyers who have advised him to go to court although he doesn’t want it to go as far as that.

The singer said he is still pleading until the ex wife allows him to see the child in peace as he misses having good time with him.


“I have spent two years without seeing or talking to my son. His mother denied me access and I have contacted so many lawyers who have advised me to go to court. I don’t want to go their I am still pleading and I hope to be given a chance to have time with my son,” Ykee Benda said