Bad Black defends Bruno K, Attacks alleged baby mama Dorah

September 20, 2023

PSelf proclaimed president of Neko Bad Black real name Namuyimbwa Shanita has defended singer Bruno K in the on going drama.

She has attacked the alleged baby mama to be Dorah saying she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant if the singer was dirty.

Bruno K has been in the media numerous times for baby mama dramas. Months ago, one of his baby mama Vanessa exposed him in the media.

Bruno K has refused to offer help to their son claiming he might not be the father until DNA was done and confirmed that he is actually the father.

Now another lady has come to the media also claiming that Bruno K got here pregnant after the two dates for a year.

According to the lady, Bruno K didn’t only get her pregnant but he was a dirty guy. He never used to clean himself like other men and it was disgusting.

Dorah – Bruno K Ballooned, Dumped Me | He Is Dirty, Work Myee | AUDIO

According to Bad Black, Dorah is not a serious woman. She wonders how she got pregnant when Bruno K is that dirty.

Bad Black said this alleged baby mama is lieing about the dirty part in the story because Bruno K looks very smart in and outside especially in public.

“But abakyala olusi tweswazza omusAjja tayina manyi ga kisajja era tayima naye oli ku media owoogana nga wo badde omusamu sente za video era oli na lubuto lwe atayiima ya kuzinisa ki? Era obadde okyakola ki Naye okutussa lwa kukyaye?
Mbu awuunya Naye oli lubuto?,” Bad Black said