Kaiyz defends Himself After Being Branded ‘Luseke’ Champ | VIDEO

July 23, 2023


Kaiyz real name Isaac Kawalya, the former NBS Television gossipmonger has defended himself after being labeled ‘Luseke’ champion by netizens.

Since Kato Lubwama died, there has been a talk as to who could be his heir as far as Luseke is concerned.

The late had trained Kasuku to be Luseke master but while in a conversation in Jenkins Mukasa and Eddy Ssendi, the Dembe FM presenter revealed that Kaiyz is the real Luseke champ.


In an interview on Diaspora Connect UG with Flavia Namulindwa, Kaiyz defended him self and revealed that journalists work hard but earn little.

He gave an example that journalists promote an artist, he produces one hit song, buys a car, builds a house and gets a beautiful babe, when a journalist is still struggling.

Kaiyz said with such a situation, he is left with no choice but to sink his inevitable Luseke into potential sponsors’ pockets.

Kaiyz had established himself as a top entertainment journalist in Uganda thanks to his tireless efforts in reporting and presenting news.

At the beginning of this month, he quietly left Uganda and settled in the US. According to Jenkins Mukasa, the gossipmonger told him that he was working tirelessly but his bosses at Next Media Services (NBS TV) did not appreciate him. They were paying heavy cheques to new presenters but when he asked for an increment, they refused to look into his demands.

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